TabletPOS: How can we help?

Hello TabletPOS customers,

We woke up to a different South Africa this week, the economic climate has changed almost overnight.

We at TabletPOS do not want to regurgitate the normal, keep safe distances, wash your hands, do not join large groups (although sound advice it may be)…, we want to help you where you can feel it, in your pocket.

For those Restaurants wanting to close for a period or are forced to close because of circumstances out of your control, listen up.

Because our model is a monthly license fee based, you are safely able to shut down for a whole month without penalties and negate your costs from us.

If you shutdown partially for a couple of days to a week or more, we will endeavour to reduce your costs further and calculate a daily rate that you did trade for, again further reducing your costs.

We have and will for this period only, also scrap the Re-Activation fee charge.

Please note we need to be advised from every customer that they are utilising these parameters for their shutdown period.

Your Loyalty App

The current trend is deliveries and online orders, we have customers utilising our own YLA, this enables customers to place orders online, pay for said order and gain loyalty from your store.

Find out more here.

It is a white labelled solution, so will look like your own built in app, or can be browser based from any website.

We will not charge for the setup fee and will give the first 2 months for free during this crazy period.

You will now almost immediately be able to compete with the multi ordering apps available out there currently, that will charge for their services and continue to enrich themselves because of this tragic but crazy period in hospitality.

This is valid for 2 months, please be quick as we can only onboard about 5-10 customers per week.

What we need is sanity in this insane period, we need support for our customers.

We need to be responsible but help our customers in anyway possible.

We at TabletPOS have incentivised our staff to visit and eat at any of our TabletPOS customer and TabletPOS will subsidise their meal, this will be valid for 2 months.

We wish we had over 1000 staff members, so we could all almost visit everyone of our sites and support them financially and physically being there, but we do not.

TabletPOS sincerely hopes we can help in any little way possible, we understand the pressures and costs of this crazy period and sympathise with everyone.

We will stand together with you, we stand for businesses trying to make a living, as we all are.

God speed.


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