Keeping your business running during COVID-19

Keeping your business running during COVID-19

On December 31, 2019, the first cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were reported from Wuhan, China. Since then, outbreaks have been reported throughout the globe and recently reached our South African shores.

While the South African government implemented stringent measures to flatten the curve of the pandemic, we know that our merchants still need to trade, for the well being of their business and employees.

Now is the time to react and implement measures to ensure that you can keep on trading, support your employees and service your customers.


The Solution: Your Loyalty App

With Your Loyalty App you can keep on servicing your customers by means of a personally branded mobile app, that your customers can use from the comfort of their home/work.

Here are the key benefits of utilizing Your Loyalty App:

  1. Directly Integrates with our POS system (Lightspeed Restaurant K Series)
  2. Customers can view your menu on their mobile devices, order and pay online
  3. Limit exposure for employees and customers, by offering controlled collection points for orders.
  4. Restaurants can offer an additional delivery service to further limit exposure and offer even more convenience. 

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