Lightspeed K-Series: Sales Restrictions

Lightspeed K-Series: Sales Restrictions

Do you find your customers disappointed by out of stock menu items?

Do you serve fresh produce? 

Do you keep

Speciality wines ? 

Or just plain tired of hearing a waiter tell a patron “it’s out of stock?”

Just the solution for you,

Give the power to your waiters on the spot, avoid the delays, introducing “Sales Restrictions”

Limit the amount of sales on the item itself, preventing the waiter to order and return with bad news.

Update the item on the Device in real time. 

To activate the restrictions and prevent disappointment, see below steps

→ Configuration

→ Items (Select the Item)

→ Edit

Save and reload the devices.

Follow the below easy steps to give the counter a value.

– Log in to the application on the iPad

– Select the desired menu item

– Push and hold on the button

– Select sales restrictions

– Change values

– Save.

This value will then decrease on every sale of the item itself. 

PLEASE NOTE: These counters are not directly linked to Lightspeed K-Series stock management, however if the item has a stock management it will continue to deduct from the stock location.

Lightspeed Restaurant K Series POS is the game changer in South Africa. Driven by innovation, the Point of Sale offers truly mobile, cloud-based Point of Sale on quality hardware and that is exactly why we are the preferred POS for over a thousand leaders and innovators of the Hospitality Industry.

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