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Here you can gain some insider information on how our merchants experience the point of sale system!

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Cafe Flava

Cafe Flava is a group of campus and corporate canteens that started out as a single vending machine in 2009 – now feeding the hungry across the country. Their core message is to promote a healthy balanced diet and sustainability in their product.

Ground Coffee House

Ground Coffee House, situated in the Hilton Midlands, is not your standard issue coffee bar. Having a keen interest in the science behind extracting espresso and respect for the complexity of this process, great attention to each step of the brew.

Tre Steampunk Club

If you are enamored of the eccentric feel of the English steampunk movement, lapping up pages and pages of books like Around the World in Eighty Days or The Adventures of Sherlock Homes then TRE Steampunk Club, Restaurant & Bar is just the spot for you.