Save our Favourite Restaurants

We have partnered with Silvertree Holdings to help you.


Through Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series (formerly iKentoo), you can send Digital Gift Cards to your customers, which they can spend at a later date. This way, you can have the income right now, to help you through this dire time.

and its free!


How will it work?


  • You can OPT-IN for this initiative by emailing – opt-in@tabletpos.co.za
  • Your business will be put on a public website, stating that you have Digital Gift Cards available.
  • We will create your Digital Gift Cards on the back-of-house and send you a manual on how to refill them and send them to your customers.
  • You will send your customer a SnapScan or Zapper QR for them to buy the amount desired on the Digital Gift Card.
  • After you received payment, you can email them their voucher.
  • If you have YLA, there will also be links to download the apps so that your clients can order from you for delivery.


In an effort to support businesses during this difficult time, SnapScan will be waiving the admin fee at signup.

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*Standard SnapScan transaction fees apply


Zapper has a 30-day free trial on their Business membership

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*Standard Zapper transaction fees apply and monthly fees apply after trial


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