Merchant Feedback: GROUND COFFEE HOUSE

Merchant Feedback: GROUND COFFEE HOUSE

Ground Coffee House, situated in the Hilton Midlands, is not your standard issue coffee bar. Having a keen interest in the science behind extracting espresso and respect for the complexity of this process, great attention to each step of the brew along with the best equipment and in-house roasted beans is sure to capture the attention of any discerning coffee drinker.

We had a quick Q & A with Craig Smith about working with our revolutionary cloud based point of sale…

What Lightspeed Restaurant K Series functionalities do you use the most?

I use the financial reports the most. They give me great insight into the detail of our transactions.

Why did you decide on making use of TabletPOS?

I saw this system being used in CT and it got some great reviews from its users.

Was it easy for your team to start using Lightspeed Restaurant K Series

Yes absolutely! We were operating within a day or 2.

How would you rate the service provided by your TabletPOS representative?

Amazing! I have had support around the clock and it has made the transition very comfortable!

How would you describe TabletPOS in three words? 

Effective. Informative. Powerful

Find Ground Cofee House, at 1 Cowan Road, Hilton, KZN

Check them out on Facebook

Photos by: Julia Jane

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