Meet our Merchant: Royal Coffee House

Meet our Merchant: Royal Coffee House

We take you on a true aromatic journey to meet our Merchant Royal Coffee House!

This is what the team had to say about their passion for coffee:

“Our coffee passion started when we visited a coffee farm in Kwazulu Natal a few years ago.. We started grinding our own beans at home when drinking coffee and discovered the wonderful taste of freshly ground coffee.

We then visited roasteries in the Western Cape and realized that the freshness of the beans will influence the amount of crema in the coffee and so our interest and passion grew.

We started looking for fresh beans only to find that beans in the known grocery stores have been roasted weeks ago, but coffee beans will only stay fresh for a month after they were roasted.

We discovered that coffee has more variety and flavors than wine and suddenly we knew this passion has become a dream…

A dream of opening our own coffee roastery. A dream of creating new coffee blends. A dream of sharing a REAL coffee experience with friends… And a few months later our dream came true. “

Do not miss out on their amazing coffees on your next trip to Bloem!

Find them at: At the Park Centre, Cnr of Dirk Opperman & Elias Motsoaledi Street, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein

Visit their Website | Facebook

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