Best South African Apps For Restaurants

Best South African Apps For Restaurants

You Are A Forward-Thinking Creator; A Magician Of The Culinary Art; A Crafty Brewer Of Liquid Gold.

Shouldn’t the tools you use for your business be as innovative as you?
In the spirit of driving innovation in your business, take a look at our list of “The Best South African Apps for Restaurants” that help you increase your productivity and give you more time to do the things you’re passionate about.


Lightspeed Restaurant K Series is an App & Cloud based Hospitality point of sale (POS) system that has taken SA by storm.

The growth in the new market sector has been exceptional when compared to the traditional bulky PC based POS systems. Our success is thanks to our adoption of first world technology that far surpasses the old PC technology that requires a resident PC server and with it the constant requirement of daily off site backups and a UPS for stability.

Lightspeed Restaurant K Series backs up / updates continuously to the cloud, not only securing your data but making it instantly available to you anywhere in the world. TabletPOS powered by Lightspeed Restaurant K Series, is the only truly mobile POS company in SA. We sell Lightspeed Restaurant K Series using a Tier based pricing model that not only makes it affordable for small and medium sized enterprises but also scales well and suits larger customers perfectly too.

True Mobile Tableside Ordering was first brought to SA with Lightspeed Restaurant K Series, everyone else has followed, but ours works without having to update a server locally. Being the disruptors in the hospitality market we have caught the eye of the Corporate and Enterprise sector too with larger groups taking notice of what is on offer without the limitations of the incumbents in the POS sector.



Marketman is a collaboration software between foodservice operators and their suppliers. The system is in use by full service restaurants, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, bars, food trucks, bakeries, and manages the procurement and supply from product catalog and prices, through the delivery and accounting.

Marketman was built out of desire to help businesses streamline processes and save money. MarketMan helps multi-unit operators and independent restaurants to improve their bottom line.


The Yoco App, born in South Africa, has disrupted the merchant services market. Their market entry point is that they are the cheapest for single or weekend use, and their backend is extremely intuitive and informative.

They provide real-time stats and have comprehensive integration capability which allows their merchants to easily grow and expand. They have larger customers that enjoy the mobile tableside ordering feature, the ability to close-off tables and the tip functionality that comes with the Lightspeed Restaurant K Series integration, their preferred POS of choice.


The accounting package disrupting accountants worldwide, with their ease of use, cloud ability and with a Xero marketplace that offers a wide variety of seamless integrations, make it a necessity for any startup or large enterprise looking to control their business.


The StockLevla App was born out of the hospitality industry for the hospitality industry in SA. It empowers restaurateurs to take stock of their inventory, bar or kitchen, effectively, accurately and most importantly, quickly.

This App, once configured to your specific areas and shelves, can take stock of bottles measured as carafes, glasses and or tots quickly and accurately, on almost any mobile device, Apple or Android, Tablet or Phone. Thus enabling the owner  to take stock simultaneously across all areas in his establishment with the emphasis on speed and accuracy, obviously staying true to being mobile, lending itself to the TabletPOS ethos and utilizing their existing hardware seamlessly.

Barmen can take stock of an average 400-500 item bar, in about 15 minutes accurately, this can be double checked the next day in the same time. Variances between the stock takes can be sorted by exception according to rules set by the owner and then locked. These locked stock takes auto update the reorder reporting for the suppliers, taking into account the par levels and will suggest a purchase order accordingly.

A theoretical and actual report can be merged with most good POS packages, this will show you  exactly what has been sold and what the POS thinks is in stock opposed to your stock takes. This is critical in hospitality to keep the margins profitable.

Your Loyalty App

Your Loyalty App is your own cloud based white labeled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) App, that integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant K Series. It’s not enough to just cook and serve, hoping your customers will return, with the many cross platform ordering apps out there today, loyalty is a premium.

This App allows you to customize it with your look and feel, including your menus and adhoc specials with the integration into Lightspeed Restaurant K Series being the kicker. You now have the capability to compete with any other App, but can leverage against your existing user base to add value to your business. Reward the returning customer and monitor the non-returning customer, entice the non-returning with specials and or direct marketing.

Currently this App only integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant K Series.


Deputy‘s staff management apps dramatically reduce the time spent managing your workforce. Use Deputy to create and update your staff schedule and notify employees of their shifts. Need to find shift cover? Deputy automatically recommends the most suitable employees. Staff start and end shifts using Deputy’s smartphone or iPad apps and timesheets are automatically created, ready for approval and export to your payroll platform.

Deputy’s iPhone app allows you to schedule employees and manage your workforce from your handset wherever you are. Deputy’s Kiosk app for iPad replaces traditional time & attendance systems and enables employees to easily start and end shifts using facial recognition technology.

With improved visibility into staffing patterns Deputy can help optimise labour costs, elevate customer service and improve your bottom line.


Benson is cloud-based hotel property management system that empowers hoteliers to run their hotels more intelligently. Their main product is a hotel property management system that was developed alongside hoteliers to offer the very best solution for operating hotels and guesthouses. This is what we call ‘Intelligent Hoteling’.

Are these Apps exactly what you’ve been looking for?

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