Restaurant Floor Plans: Reducing server confusion

Restaurant Floor Plans: Reducing server confusion

How to efficiently Manage Floor Plans with Lightspeed K-Series

by Liesl Gibson


How often do you make use of A Restaurant Floor Plan?  Why should one bother creating a Floor Plan?  

Your restaurant floor plan is essentially a map of your Restaurant’s physical space. When designed well, this restaurant floor plan can affect your profit margins by increasing efficiency, creating ease of movement, securing the safety of your staff and your guests, and ultimately enhancing your customer experience

But in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a well-designed restaurant layout looks a lot different than it used to.


Now is the time to adjust your Floor Plan!

In order to accommodate social distancing and restrictions on venue capacity, virtually every restaurateur is adjusting their floor plan in some way. 

Whether it’s re-designing the entire set-up or layout, removing tables completely, or creating a designated “take-away” space, or even installing physical partitions, changing your restaurant floor plan is an essential part of the new “reopening” process.

Creating workable floor plans on the Light Speed POS is simple.  Not only will you have peace of mind that all the Covid-19 protocols are now firmly in place, as per your capacity, you will also prevent the unnecessary staff / server confusion when delivering meals to tables.  

How often, as a guest, have you had to endure a server/runner standing at the table, like a deer in headlights, auctioning off food to a confused gallery of Diners?  Food gets cold & your establishment does not look professional…

Staff should all be on the same page, at least, when it comes to the layout of the restaurant / shop and the placement of the seats / guests for larger tables.  Without this your Team will look untrained and your service delivery will definitely be impaired.

Utilise this fantastic resource and your Team will be thankful for not having to share random Table numbers / names, this in turn increases productivity and guest satisfaction..


How to Quickly Create your Own Floor Plan:



Floor Plans

Create Floor plans

Add Table information / number of guests / table number etc


Use different plans for different seating areas ie Main Dining Room/Balcony 1 /Terrace etc


Follow these easy steps:

  • Login to the Site
  • Navigate to Configuration -> Settings -> FloorPlan

  • Add new Floor Plan

  • Here you can Add Table Information  / number of guests / table number etc

  • Extra tip: Use different plans for different seating areas ie Main Dining Room/Balcony 1 /Terrace etc


Lightspeed Restaurant K Series POS is the game changer in South Africa. Driven by innovation, the Point of Sale offers truly mobile, cloud-based Point of Sale on quality hardware and that is exactly why we are the preferred POS for over a thousand leaders and innovators of the Hospitality Industry.


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