Lightspeed Restaurant K Series’s South African Reseller TabletPOS Signs 1000th Client!

Lightspeed Restaurant K Series’s South African Reseller TabletPOS Signs 1000th Client!

Lightspeed Restaurant K Series’s South African Reseller TabletPOS Signs 1000th Client!

Today, we are proud to announce that our South African Reseller TabletPOS signed their 1000th client. In celebration of this milestone, let’s have a look at how it all began.

In November 2013, Michael Da Silva, the future founder of TabletPOS, discovered the Lightspeed Restaurant K Series POS in Pub Montfort in Verbier at the foot of the Swiss Alps. After hearing about the futuristic POS, he decided to contact Lightspeed Restaurant K Series’s founders, David Clerc and Serge Sozonoff. They agreed to allow Michael to pursue an agency for Southern Africa.

As it turns out, that first meeting was the beginning of a great business partnership. Michael, coming from the retail software industry, started TabletPOS small and developed their expertise on the restaurant industry, initially leaning on David and Serge to help them train their team and set up shop.

MIKE TabletPOS Lightspeed Restaurant K Series iPad POS.jpg

“Lightspeed Restaurant K Series was revolutionary in South Africa, there was nothing like it anywhere” says Michael ‘Mike’ Da Silva. He was sure that a mobile and cloud based POS was the future of the hospitality industry. And that’s what TabletPOS has been doing ever since: revolutionizing the industry by providing affordable and state of the art technology. They started making a name for themselves as market disruptors by offering great service in addition to the competitively priced solution. Their reputation spread quickly, which allowed TabletPOS to open branches all across South Africa to help them cater for this influx of new customers.

TabletPOS now has 5 branches in South Africa and over 40 staff members! They also operate in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mauritius, Zambia, Lesotho and they will soon be opening a office in Australia, thus We are honored to have them as a partner and delighted to share some of their impressive milestones: signing 23 separate deals in one day, installing 61 sites in one month, having 17 sites go live in one day. All these small milestones have contributed to their success. And now, they’re celebrating their latest achievement: installing their 1000th site!

Although they are operating in neighboring SADC countries, South Africa is where “our bread is buttered, excuse the pun being in hospitality” says Mike. Focusing on selling Lightspeed Restaurant K Series and complementary integrated softwares has enabled TabletPOS to grow quickly in a mature market previously dominated by incumbent PC-based POS companies.

And now? “We have just started breaking into the smaller 15-30 site groups and are busy with one of the biggest corporate stores nationwide for a Proof Of Concept, so our future is bright, our POS is future proof and our user base has endless potential. We are very thankful for the strong relationship we have with Lightspeed Restaurant K Series and the trust that has built up between us, it has made this an exciting adventure for everyone at TabletPOS” says Mike.

We couldn’t agree more! Our thanks and congratulations go out to Mike and the full TabletPOS team for their hard work and support, all of which has let us build a solid partnership on which to grow our businesses. Here is to the next 1000 sites together, and all of the adventures and challenges we will face as a team!

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