MarketMan Dashboard

MarketMan Dashboard

Home Page Alerts

TabletPOS is the Reseller for MarketMan in SADC

Home page alerts will pop up on your homepage as you log in to MarketMan. You will see Low Inventory Alerts to let you know that you are running low on a certain item, this is particularly useful to make sure you don’t disappoint customers at the time of order.

This ties in nicely with MarketMan’s ability to record par levels and reorder levels, these will assist in keeping you stock at the optimum level considering seasons and natural cycles of your business. 

Additional Information

Purchases by Supplier… Helps manage budgets and cash flow, allows you to compare periods and see who your biggest creditors are, keep an eye on prices.

Common Products… What are your customers purchasing, this week, this month, this year, when looking at reports it is always important to understand where you have come from.

Weekly Purchasing… Overall purchase information, helps you manage your cash flow week to week.

Purchases vs Targets… Set weekly spending targets and watch them in real-time on your dashboard.

Food Costs… The all important food cost is where you make or break your business having this graph on your dashboard really brings your attention to this metric and ultimately your bottom line.

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MarketMan is the best-in-class back of house solution that provides complete control, empowering Restaurateurs to ultimately manage more, faster.

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