Testimonial: Seven on Kellner

Seven on Kellner Restaurant & Bar, situated in Bloemfontein, would like to amend TabletPOS on their excellent service delivery & user friendly system. 


Investing in TabletPOS has provided us with a cloud based remotely accessible system that is in our opinion, a revolutionary point of sale, magnitudes ahead of any other traditional point of sale system.


The forward thinking technology, custom design abilities & creative innovation, specific to the hospitality sector, has allowed us to target key aspect of our business trade; from customized floor plan settings, tailor specific instructions, live turnover abilities & effective stock control management, running our restaurant & bar with our own specifications was made easy with TabletPOS. 


A reliable system with little software and / or hardware issues.


We recommend TabletPOS for all hospitality sector trading and advocate for its excellent service & system operations.  


Special mention must be awarded to Jason Morrow for his outstanding customer service in Free State Region. 


It has been a pleasure to invest in TabletPOS. 


Kind regards

Seven on Kellner 


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