iKentoo Live 2.0 – More Live than ever before!

iKentoo Live is our innovative app carefully crafted for our hospitality merchants. With the app, merchants are able to track their business data in real-time – anywhere from their mobile device.


What exactly has us so excited for version 2.0?

With an app already abundant in features such as multi-site visibility, revenue and performance history, employee performance and best sellers –  we kept innovating, much like our merchants do! Basically, we took the already AWESOME app and transformed it into a little powerhouse with more options, an improved user-friendly interface and even more real time features.



Key features of iKentoo Live 2.0


Revenue by ticket and by seat

Now you can get a better understanding of the performance differences between takeaway and on-site consumption.


Performance indicators

With 2.0 you are able to compare the day’s performance to the best and worst days since the creation of the till.


Occupancy Rate

Don’t forget to add the number of seats in your establishment to an occupancy rate that reflects reality. It can be changed whenever you like (and especially if it’s a sunny day and you want to open up the terrace).


Performance History

We’ve implemented a new gesture: Swipe from left to right to access the date selector. That’s right, you can review your sales performance on any day you want, starting from the creation of the till.


Download the app below, or if you aren’t a TabletPOS merchant yet, chat to us about switching over to our innovated Point of Sale system!



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